Spice Money Login 2022 (Agent & AEPS)

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 Spice Money Login 2022 – Spice Money is rapidly gaining popularity among many agents and other users today. It is a company that integrates a wide range of consumer services, including travel assistance, payment assistance and banking services.

This section describes the benefits of Spice Money and how to access them.

Spice Money Connection – Overview

Spice Money is known to offer benefits that other portals don’t. Some cool features of Spice Money Login are mentioned here. 

  • Spice Money is licensed and BBPS is licensed by the RBI for your convenience.
  • Spice Money comes with Micro ATM facilities.
  • It is also possible to use a prepaid card provided by Rupay provided by Yes Bank.
  • Spice Money has also partnered with IRCTC to deliver great travel destinations.

Spice Money Agent Login

If you want to access the Spice Money portal on your computer’s website, you can easily access it by following these simple steps: 

  • Step – 1 – You can type B2B Spice Money in your internet browser and click on the first screen that appears.
  • Step 2 – You can access the portal by clicking on the URL b2b.spicemoney.com/loginPageLogin.
  • Step – 3 – You will now be redirected to a login page where you will need to provide your account manager username and password.
  • Step – 4 – Click the box to confirm the terms and conditions.
  • Step – 5 – Now click on Select Connection. 
  • Step 6 – For the first login, a page to reset your password will appear. Now you can directly access your profile by logging in.
  • Step – 7 – On the Reset Password page, you will need to reset your old password and then reset your password.
  • Step – 8 – Click on Reset Password option.
  • Step – 9 – When the next page appears, there is a password reset confirmation. Only here you will see the login link which you need to click.
  • Step – 10 – Now the login page will appear again, where you have to provide your new username and password which you just verified.
  • Step 11 – Finally click on login and you will be logged into your Spice Money profile.
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When resetting your password, be sure to include the password.

  • The password must be 8 to 15 characters. 
  • Must be at least a number.

Forgot your password?

Forgot Spice Money administrator password? To recover your password, follow these steps:

  • Step – 1 – Click Forgot Password on the login page where you need to provide your username first and a new page will appear.
  • Step 2 – You need to carefully provide the captcha code provided with your User ID and click on the submit option. 
  • Step – 3 – Now you will see a new page where you need to provide the OTP which you need to receive along with your mobile number.
  • Step – 4 – Next, create a new password which must be between 8 and 15 characters and contain at least one number.
  • Step – 5 – Confirm your password in the space below.
  • Step – 6 – Now click on the link.

Spice Money App Login

Spice Money is available in a simple mobile app. To access the Spice Money app, Android users must have the Spice Money app installed, which can be found in the Google Play Store and Apple users in the Apple Store. After installing the app, log in by following these steps:

  • Step – 1 – Click on the Spice Money app icon on your smartphone to activate it.
  • Step – 2 – A page will appear where you want to select your preferred language.
  • Step – 3 – Now press the arrow button at the top of the screen. 
  • Step 4 – Now that you have presented them with some permissions, you need to go through them and authorize them.
  • Step 5 – Enter your Adhikari username and password here.
  • Step – 6 – Also click on the box to confirm the terms and conditions.
  • Step – 7 – Now click on Select Connection.
  • Step – 8 – When you click Connect, OTP will be sent to the cell phone number. 
  • Step 9 – On the next screen you have to give the OTP you received.
  • Step – 10 – After providing OTP, click on Done option.

By clicking on the Continue option, you will be connected to your profile where you can consult the mini-ATM, payment, top-up and many other services.

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Forgot your password:

If you forgot your password, you can easily recover it by following these simple steps.

  • Step – 1 – Click on the Forgot Password option on the login page and a new screen will appear asking you to provide your Customer ID. 
  • Step – 2 – After entering your Adhikari ID, click on the Go option.
  • Step – 3 – You will be given OTP for the cell phone number which you need to give in the OTP option on the next screen.
  • Step 5 – After providing the correct OTP, you need to provide and confirm the new password.
  • Step – 6 – After confirming your password, click on Done option.

Passwords must start with a letter and be at least 8 characters long. It must also be a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

How do I sign up for Spice Money?

You must have a username and password to access the Spice Money portal. You can use the service anytime, anywhere by installing the app on your smartphone. However, this requires a login and a password.

So, if you are new to Spice Money, there are two ways to sign up for Spice Money: online and offline options. 

Offline mode:

To use this method, you must contact your nearest authorized Spice Money reseller to receive the form.

After carefully filling out this form, you must return it to the seller along with a photo and a copy of some documents such as aadhar card, fan card, passport or checkbook.

If you cannot find a seller near you or have other issues, you can visit our official website (https://b2b.spicemoney.com/loginPageLogin) and call our hotline (0120-4026700).

Online mode:

When registering in online mode, you can now register through the website and smartphone app.

When registering through the website, please follow these steps: 

  • STEP – 1 – Visit the b2b.spicemoney.com website and click on the Join us option.
  • Step 2 – A new page will appear with two options. One is to download the app and the other is in the lower right corner of Show Instructions. Click the Show Details option.
  • Step 3 – Clicking on this option will take you to another page where you will receive details like name, email address and phone number. You’ll also need to upload photos, fan posts, and other information.
  •  Step – 4 – Once you have completed these details, click on the Submit option.
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The agents of the Spice Money team will contact you in a few days to explain the rest of the process.

Now, if you download the app, here are the steps you need to take.

  • Step – 1 – First you need to install the Spice Money Adhikari app on your Android or iOS platform.
  • Step – 2 – Now you need to open the app and click on Join Spice Money option. 
  • Step 3 – On the next screen you need to enter your phone number and click start.
  • Step 4 – Then you will receive an OTP to the given phone number which the app will detect automatically.
  • Step 5 – Now, after the OTP authentication is completed, click on the Done option.
  • Step 6 – Then a page will appear where you have to provide content such as Basic Content, Fan Content, Personal Content, Online Content, Money and Send Information. You must provide this information individually by clicking the Continue option before each entry. 
  • Step – 7 – After submitting your content and information, you need to send a selfie with the store and a video classified ad to approve your profile. These two steps are mandatory.
  • Step 8 – After completing all submissions, you need to check the Terms and Conditions box and finally click on Submit option.

After submitting all the details correctly, you will be taken to a page where you can verify your profile. You will also receive an SMS with your mobile number indicating that your request has been sent. If your request is approved, you will receive an SMS on your cell phone number.

For more information on Spice Money, please contact the police on 0120-4026700 or by email (sales@spicemoney.com). One of the agents will get back to you with a solution to your question.

Spice Money provides many excellent services to its employees and other users. Just follow the steps above and remember the important tips to sign up for Spice Money and easily login to our website portal and mobile app. 

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