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  sdms.px.indianoil,, sdms indianoil, http sdms px indianoil in: The portal is launched by the Government of India and is owned by the Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas, Government of India. , New Delhi. In this article, we will take a closer look at all the information on this portal. For example, sdms.px.indianoil, you can find detailed information about partner portal, trade entry, sender entry etc. Furthermore, you will also learn the process of installing the Indian Oil Market application on your PC. 

So read the article till the end to get complete details about it. As you know, IndianOil is an oil and gas company owned by the Government of India. Millions of people across the country trade oil and gas with the company. In this case the participants found it very difficult to manage their first orders. Orders and regular transactions are done through offline process. As a result, the Government of India announced that the online websites of all IndianOil associates can be accessed online anywhere. Orders can be easily managed by logging in to our online website. We will get more detailed information on this portal.


Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IndianOil) was incorporated in 1964 by Indian Oil Company Limited (IS d. 1959) and Indian Refineries Limited (circa 1958). IndianOil reached 100% utilization of its Personnel Security (CSR) budget for the third year in a row, underlining its legacy of long-standing CSR commitments. For the whole of 2019-20 £543.3 million was used for CSR. IndianOil’s major CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities include “Safety and Security of Drinking Water”, “Health and Care”, “Improvement in Education and Work”, “Urban Sustainability”, “Environmental Sustainability”, “Empowerment” Are included. , Women and group social and economic development, etc.

IndianOil’s CSR projects are primarily designed to improve the quality of life for the diversity around the site, including marginalized tribes, SCs, STs and other disadvantaged communities including people with disabilities. IndianOil does CSR across the country. Ambition/Background including districts and Naxal areas of influence. According to the Office of Public Economics (DPE) on CSR expenditure by Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) reported at any point of time, IndianOil spent £455.22 million (84% of annual CSR spend). ) Area. The expenditure for 2019-2020 pertains to education, health and food; With DPE allotting 18 VATs out of total 112 domains, IndianOil is spending Rs 28.53 million on 37 VATs in 2019-2020.

roj indian sdms

This portal was launched by Indian Oil Corporation. This portal started for distributors, partners and others. Each distributor provides a unique username and password. Participants can access this portal to view all announcements and access other services. Partners can manage their orders online through this portal and also make online payments conveniently. This portal was specially built for business partners, making it easier for IndianOil to provide services across the United States. In the next article, we’ll take a look at the sign-in process.

enter http httpms px indianoil

The SDMS portal was initially open only to organizations and businesses, but was later open to the public. The public also has access to additional gas and other services effected from this portal. Below we know some important things about this portal.

  • Indian Oil SDMS Portal Name
  • Government of India started
  • Beneficiaries business partners, employees, shipping companies and other oil, gas and other services. Official site

Purpose of

We all know that Indian Oil is a government company which provides oil, gas and various services. Services are provided by this company across the country. Many gas stations and gas stations have merged to join this company. This portal is specially made for marketing. RO / KSK Distributors, LPG Distributors, Cocoa Seller & Service Provider, Petrochemical / Polymer DCA, Servo Distributor and other related services are available on this portal.

 Organizations and shippers can access this portal to access services like order management, new customers, returns, financial statements etc. After using this portal, partners and suppliers will not have any problem anymore. Login – Register, TSB Online (Treasury Savings Bank)

Benefits of SDMS PX

Oils, greases, polymers and other services are provided by Indian Oil Corporation Limited. IndianOil for Business Portal enables partners to manage their business on the go. The easy-to-use interface and robust features of the portal make it transparent and hassle-free for the users. If you are an employee or owner/partner of a retailer, you can avail various services at Participants can get snapshots of key business metrics from this portal. 

Participants can use this portal to place pickup orders in 2 clicks and get live status. You can check your balance status with one click. Partners can login to this portal to view order history, sales etc. Shippers can access this portal to download the digital cash register for the shipment. Submission can be verified directly through the mobile app. Remitter can login here to get the address and contact details of the customer.

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 Indian Oil enters 2022 process

Applicants who wish to access the Indian Oil portal must follow the simple steps given below.

  1. To do this, you must first go to the official website of the Indian Oil Market. i.e.
  2. Then you have to click on the “Login” option. You can open this link and directly go to the login page. Now login page will appear. Here you have to enter your username and password. Then click on the “Continue” button at the bottom. adler enu login page
  3. To do this, you have logged in as a participant in the portal. Now there are many services. Forgot your password?
  4. Users who cannot login to the portal as they have forgotten their login password can easily reset their login number. Here are some simple steps to reset your password. You can reset your password by following these steps:
  5. To do this, you first need to open in your browser. This will bring up the login page. Are you looking for “Forgot your password?” can search for. ” Here. You have to click on the options. On the next page, you need to enter your username and click on the “Continue” button. Adler Enu Password Forgot Password
  6. Once this OTP is received on the cell phone number, it needs to be confirmed. After confirming the OTP, you will see an option to set a new password. This way you can easily reset your login password. 

Register as a new Indian Petroleum user at

Competitors willing to register as a new user can easily do so by following the simple steps given below.

  • To do this, you must first go to link. 
  • Now a new page will open in front of you. 
  • Here you have to click on the “Register” option in the top menu. Ann
  • ow app will appear in front of you. All questions on this form must be written carefully. 
  • In this form you have to enter information like Industry, Office, Industry Category, Industry Subcategory, Account Number, Cell Phone Number, Email ID, Name, State, District, Address, Zip Code, State, District, City, Monthly Update. , uom, statement, etc. 
  • After entering all the information, you need to click on the “Submit” button at the bottom. New registration on the partner page of the webcenter portal
  • Now you will receive an OTP with your cell phone number and email so you will need to confirm.
  • Registration is complete after OTP authentication. Intra Haryana: Connection, Returns, Electronic Payment, Payment, Application @

sales order supply inquiry

To view the details of the number of orders placed daily, please follow these steps: You can easily check your order by following the steps given below.

  1. For this you have to first go to this link. i.e.
  2. It will take you to a login page and ask you to log in by entering your username and password.
  3.  Now your dashboard will open in front of you. Here you have to click on “Sell Order” option in the top menu. 
  4. Then you have to click on the search icon in front of it. 
  5. Now more options will appear in front of your eyes. Here, you need to select the date on which you want to view the order history in the “Delivery Date” and From Date sections. 
  6. Then click on the “Go” icon at the top. 
  7. Now, all the sell orders of the selected day are displayed in front of your eyes. 
  8. If you want to know the amount of order sales, you need to click on the locate icon and click on the “Record Count” option. 
  9. Then many files come in front of you. This makes it easy to view the details of your sales orders. SSMMS 2021: Telangana Sand Reservation, Connection, Registration & Sand Order Status Monitoring After Sales Payment Approval Process

You would like to see the list of customers who have made online payment for sales on the SDMS portal. Some consumers pay online when ordering gasoline, so follow these steps to see a complete list.

  1. To do this, you must first go to the Indian Oil SDMS portal. i.e.
  2. After this you have to click on the connection option. By clicking on this link, you will directly reach the entry page.
  3. You will then be presented with a connection form, in which you will need to enter your username and password to connect. 
  4. Then a dashboard will appear in front of you. From there, you need to click on “Sales” on the top menu and then click on the “Create Bulk Invoice” option. 
  5. You will now see a list of all orders for sale. Click on the search icon at the top to check your payment history online. 
  6. Now you have to check the box in front of “Digital Payment Flag” at the bottom. Then click on the “Go” icon in the top menu. 
  7. You will now see a list of all your online payment orders. OICL Account Details
  8. An IOCL declaration is required when you complete the GST application. If you want to delete your comments, we will provide you with a temporary process below. 

You can make withdrawals for six months at a time.

 To get the Annual Report, you have to follow the process twice.

  • To do this, you must first go to Indian Oil For Websites. i.e.
  • Then you have to click on “Register” option in the top menu. 
  • On the next page, you will have to log in by entering your username and password. 
  • The dashboard now displays details of the current balance. 
  • Here, just below your current balance, click on “Click here for more details”. You have to click on the options.
  • On the next page you will have to select the day based on the difference of 6 months. As we choose from April to September.
  • Then click on the “Transaction” button at the bottom. 
  • You will now be presented with the Marketing Report.
  •  To export to Excel, click on the “Export to Excel” option at the top. 
  • This will upload your statement to excel. 
  • If you want to renew your income statement for one year, you will have to do it twice every 6 months. MIS Haryana Portal: DSE Login Page, MIS Haryana Login @
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How to add new staff

If you want to register a new carrier on the SDMS portal, you can do it easily by following these steps: Below are the step by step instructions for the new registration process.

  1. For this you have to open this link first.
  2. Now login page will appear. 
  3. Here you have to log in by entering your username and password. 
  4. The dashboard is now in front of you. 
  5. Here you need to click on the icon in front of “Request Services” and then click on the “Partner Site” option from the drop-down list. 
  6. Now a new page will open in front of you. On this page you have to click on “Site Name”. 
  7. Now you will see the list of all the employees below. Here you can edit employee details. Click on the “” icon to add a new employee. 
  8. Now the list given below will open. This form requires you to have access to your employee information. This form requires that you have access to information such as employee information, family information, security information, banking information, educational materials, ID, and more. 
  9. After entering all the information you have to submit the form. You can add new employees this way.

Process to Check Subsidy Report Status

If you would like to review your benefit statement, we have provided a temporary guide below. You can easily access your benefit details by following the steps given below.

  1. To do this, you must first go to You will then need to join as a participant by entering your username and password. Now you should click on “Relationship” option in the top menu. 
  2. Now you have to enter your Customer Identification Number, then click on “Relationship ID”. 
  3. Then the advertisement of the consumer’s order will appear in front of his eyes. Here you have to click on the icon icon at the top. 
  4. Then in “Grant Status Report” on the left side, you should select “Grant Status Report”. After that click on the “My Tips” button given below. 
  5. Now you have to click on the “Grant Status” option. 
  6. Then you have to click on the “Download” button. The grant details will now be downloaded in PDF format in your system. 


  1. To do this, you must first go to
  2.  Then you have to log in by entering your username and password. 
  3. When you log in, your dashboard will be in front of you. Here you have to click on the “Remove Us” option at the top. 
  4. Now you have to scroll down and click on the “” icon. Now the list will appear at the bottom.
  5.  In this form, you will be asked to access all the contact details of the user. The app asks you to enter details like name, address, first name, identity, GLP, gender, region, date of birth etc. 
  6. After entering all the files, you have to click on “Remove Deduplication”. 
  7. Then you have to click on the “General” tab of the content link and then click on the “” icon. 
  8. Now in the Connections section, you need to select the address and other details. Then click on “Relationship ID”. 
  9. After this the user ID is generated. Make sure to include the Customer ID in the KYC form. 
  10. Now in the Diagram section below, you should have access to words like Category, Diagram, Diagram Type, Products, Services, etc. Then click on “Remove OMC Duplicate” at the bottom. 

Now we have to wait a bit. For general groups, you may have to wait for 2-3 days. After this the KYC process will be completed. After 2-3 days, the customer information and other details should be sent. After that, the registration of the new user is completed. 

How to reset password for SDMS IOC online portal

All users need credentials to access various services. However, you can forget and recover your login information by following the steps below.

  1. Open Indian Oil Corporation Portal
  2. Select “Forgot Password” on the login page.
  3. Enter the User ID and click on “Continue”.
  4. System sends OTP code to your registered mobile number for verification process.
  5. After verification, the site will be able to reset the new password method.
  6. You can now create and confirm a new password to complete the process. 

How to check sales order offer through official website

The SDMS platform empowers the user to check their orders sold/delivered per day by using the following steps.

  1. Go to the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) page.
  3. Login page appears, enter your User ID and Password.
  4. Various services will be displayed on the taskbar of the page, click on “Sales Order”
  5. After that click on the search button.
  6. Now clicking on “Delivery from date and Delivery to date” many options will open.
  7. Then click on the “GO” button. All the sales under the selected dates will appear on the screen.
  8. To know the number of sales, select the Settings tab and click on “Number of Records”.
  9. The system may generate multiple screen entries.
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How to check payment order details online

The portal provides online sales payment information to various customers.

  1. Go to the Indian Oil IOC SDMS Portal.
  3. Go to the login page and enter your login details. Click on “Sales Order> Generate Bulk Invoice in Control Panel”
  4. A list of sales orders will appear on the page, click on the search button to check the orders that have been paid online.
  5. Check the box displayed as “Digital Payment Flag”
  6. Now click on the “Go” button to receive the order.
  7. iocl account details
  8. Visit the official website and click on the “Register” button.
  10. Enter your User ID and Password to continue.
  11. The details of the current balance will be displayed, click on the tab “Click here for more details”.
  12. Select a date based on six month intervals and click on the “View Transactions” tab.
  13. message appears, the user can export to Excel by clicking on the “Export” button. To receive the annual report, you must select a time period twice (six months).

how to add new employee in sdms portal

  • Open the link
  • Enter your login details to open the portal.
  • In the “Request a service” panel, select Partner sites from the menu.
  • Go ahead and click on “Site Name” to help open the names of the employees under the tab.
  • Then click on the multi-icon (+) to add employees.
  •  The new form shows employees how to enter required information such as family information, Social Security, bank accounts, training information and identification.
  • View the details and click on submit.

How to connect Aadhaar DE to IoC linking portal

  1. Firstly open the SDMS website.
  2. Enter your login details to access the site.
  3. Then enter the “Relationship” option.
  4. Enter the consumer number and click on “Relationship ID”. Select the last name to disconnect the Aadhaar card.
  5. Select the arrows next to Identity and choose “SR Profile”.
  6. Select the + icon and under Transaction Type select Aadhaar Delink.
  7. Then click on SR Number> Aadhaar Consumer Number> Send SR.
  8. The disconnection process takes effect at any time.

Method to Check Subsidy Report Status

  • Open the website and enter User ID and Password to login.
  • In the menu, click on “Relationship” > Enter Customer Number > Relationship ID.
  • The page displays a message about the customer’s sales order. Then select “Report Name” > Grant Status Report.
  • Now click on the “My Messages” tab > Grant Status option.
  • Go ahead and click on the “Download” button.
  • The report is available for download in PDF format.
  • SDMS adds a new LPG connection process
  • Go to the Indian Oil SDMS website.
  • Enter your User ID and Password to login.
  • Click on “Contacts” to continue on the dashboard.
  • Then click on the multi-icon (+), the form will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the required information like Personal Address, Name, Identity, BPL, Gender, Date of Birth, District and many more.
  • Go ahead and click on “Contact Didup” > General Connection Summary > Click on the + icon. In the Regarding section of the tab, select the address and other details you want.
  • Then click on Relationship ID to get the Consumer ID.
  • Save Consumer ID in KYC document: Category, Scheme Type, Product, Service Area, etc.
  • Now click on “Delete OMC”.
  • The KYC process will take several days to complete. Then enter the documents and all the required information. The registration process has been successfully completed.

How to change the name of the legal successor of the IOC

  1. Go to SDMS Portal.
  3. Enter login user id and password.
  4. Then go to Control Panel menu and select “Relationship” > Customer Number > Relationship ID.
  5. Go to “Documents” tab > + icon. Then select “TV” and under Order Type enter “Change of Legal Name”.
  6. Now select the document number in the column and click on “Contact”
  7. Go ahead and enter a new contact by entering the + icon.
  8. Enter consumer information like name, gender, date of birth, postal address, identity and BPL.
  9. Save the information and select the “General Connection Summary” button.
  10. To enter a new payment profile, select the add icon and key in with IDSC code, name, bank account number, bank name and branch account type etc. Now click on “Relationship” > Enter Consumer Number and select Consumer ID.
  11. Then click on the “Documents” tab and add the document number.
  12. Check the box next to the transfer contact’s last name.
  13. Enter the following information, first and last name, job title, contact status, phone number, address, and more.
  14. Click on “OK”> Default option under Document line item. Finally click on the submit button.

How to Activate Activated SDMS Portal Connection

  1. Go to the website and click on “Relationship” in the menu.
  2. Next, enter the Consumer Number and Relationship ID.
  3. The deactivation status is displayed on the page.
  4. Go ahead and click on “Request Service” > Add Icon. In addition to deactivating the transaction subtype, go to the LOB transaction type reactivation request.
  5. Select the SR number and enter the reason why you want to reactivate.
  6. Now click on the + icon and upload the attachment.
  7. Select POA-POI in the Identification Type, Aadhaar UID and Other Identification Documents section.
  8. Then enter the Aadhaar number as the identification number. To reactivate, select the Send SR option.

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