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 RNFI Services Pvt. Ltd. is the best platform for online payment delivery services and merchants. We make sure our customers and their businesses are safe, secure and convenient.

A digital platform that provides good support and real-time (real-time) payments to B2B partners such as suppliers, retailers, customers, etc. use a safe and secure home design interface.

To meet the future of digital and online financial solutions, RNFI is committed to providing every citizen across the country with the highest level of reliability, reliability and the fastest online solution gateways.

RNFI believes in working with all the major corporations and financial groups that drive the country’s economy, whether government or non-government.

Connecting India’s semi-urban and rural areas at the heart of industry development using safe, secure, reliable and faster payment methods.

Under the direction of the bank, RNFI believes in the formation, support and operation of the DMR distribution network.

Key points of the RNFI

  • • As the fastest, most secure, secure and reliable payment gateway connecting semi-urban and rural India at the heart of economic development,
  • • RNFI believes in helping everyone across the country to become one of the most trusted, trusted, and fastest online gateway solutions.
  • • Collaborate with all institutions and financial groups that govern the national economy, whether governmental or non-governmental. • RNFI believes in training, support and collaboration with the DMR distribution network on the basis of banking procedures.
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What is RNFI?

 If you want to start your own business, RNFI BANK CSP is the best place.

A place where you can get good returns with a small investment. So, you can start your business by getting an RNFI franchise. People in small towns have to travel to town to get money or get help from a bank, which can be inconvenient for a while. Consumers may face problems due to delays from bank employees.

  • With that in mind, Relipay now offers all local and regional financial services, and you can make a lot of money as a merchant.

Read the step-by-step guide on how to start a franchise and what you can do with it.

What is the RNFI AEPS?

 RNFI is a company that provides B2B and B2C and banking services. You can start your own business by purchasing a franchise. Here you can get debit, money transfer, electric bill, water bill, phone bill, DTH bill, insurance and many more services.

  • Name of RNFI provider
  • B2B and AEPS service
  • Beneficiaries / Beneficiaries All Indians Indians
  • Rnfi connection Click here

Can I get an RNFI Agent ID? 

To be eligible for this deductible, you must meet some of the following conditions.

In general, ordinary Indians who meet the following conditions are eligible to become Relipay merchants:

  • • The person must be a resident of India. • Based on financial literacy, computer skills required.
  • • Must have a high school or high school diploma.
  • • You must have your own store.

No one can accept this position if the legal process is due or if a violation is committed.

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Information Required for the RNFI Agent ID

To become an RNFI representative and use the RNFI Relipay, the franchisee, you will need to provide the following information:

 • Adar card

• fan card

• Bank account

• Finger reader

• Mobile phones

• E-mail address

• Large passport

• KYC videos

To obtain a Relipay ID, you must provide the following information: Only then can you become a Relipay agent.

List of Rnfi services

As mentioned earlier, Relipay is a platform connected business that provides banking services.

A place where you can benefit from contacting your neighbors through the franchise and getting the services below.

• Withdrawal of money

• Refunds

• Balance requests

• Little words

• Cash deposit (ICICI Bank only)

• Pay the bills

• Mobile payments

• a mini ATM

• Aadhaar takes care of the payments

RNFI-Relipay Agent Kaise Bane

To sign up for Relipay and start your own business, you need to take the following steps to get a franchise. There is a minimal fee to join RNFI AEPS. You will then receive a username and password. You can then use this username and password to access the Relipay website, log in and access any of the services available there.

To get the Relipay franchise, go to the official website and contact your manager, regardless of the SIM card you have. It will help you get your id and you just need to give your agent id.

RNFI Relipay – Registration Mini ATM, AEPS, DMT, Recharge

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