ITBP Pay Slip 2023 ITBP PIS Himveer Connect Login

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Visit for ITBP PIS Himveer Connect Login and take a look at ITBP Pay Slip 2023, Personal Monthly Payslip, Salary Slip, Pay Scale, ITBPPIS Data Online from the legit internet site. As consistent with the norms you need to get your month-to-month payslip of ITBP online.

As there are heaps of ITBP personnel who obtain their month-to-month bills in go back for his or her carrier to the nation. Thus the ITBP PIS login lets in them to be aware about the info associated with their month-to-month bills. Therefore as soon as an person is recruited with the aid of using the ITBP. Thus, the corporation continues the ITBP PIS account of that person from the primary month of carrier.

Since the ITBP revenue slip is an essential piece of report. Hence you have to understand the stairs to test your ITBP worker Payslip. Through the legit portal of ITBP, you may take a look at your payslip for any month. Therefore, we’re going to offer you with whole statistics. To understand how to test ITBP PIS Pay Slip, ITBP Himveer login steps take a look at out the subsequent contents.

ITBP PIS Login & ITBP Pay Slip Download Steps

Well apart from from ITBP Himveer Connect you may take a look at your ITBP PIS revenue slip on the legit portal of ITBP. You can choose this portal if you can’t get entry to ITBP Himveer join.

So, you may generate your month-to-month payslip of ITBP from greater than  portals. As matters stand we’ve got already advised you the stairs for ITBP PIS Login.

Hence, on this segment, we will offer the whole manner and the stairs which you want to comply with. Although maximum of the stairs are pretty similar, therefore we are seeking to make certain that our readers have whole statistics.

Therefore, if making a decision to test your payslip via the ITBP legit internet site. Thus you have to ensure to comply with every of the stairs given beneathneath.

STEP 1. First, visit the legit internet site of the ITBP viz (

STEP 2. Now after you are on the homepage search for the log-in alternative. Place your cursor on that choice to view similarly options. Once you location your cursor you may see the Personal Login alternative, You want to click on on that alternative.

STEP 3. Once you click on the Personal Login carrier you’ll be redirected to the legit ITBP Himveer Connect or ITBP PIS Login porta.

STEP four. Now all you want to do is input your PIS USERNAME, PIS Password, and the Captcha code ( Mandatory).

STEP five. Finally, click on at the Login Option.

STEP 6. In moments your ITBP payslip account will open. You can both down load or print your payslip for the preferred month.

NOTE: In case, you’re not able to recall your ITBP PIS Password then you may create a brand new one. You can comply with the manner referred to below the above segment to reset your password online.

ITBP Pay Slip Check Here

ITBP PIS Website

Check ITBP Pay Slip & Monthly Payslip Online

Now earlier than we circulate similarly we need to quick our readers at the ITBP Pay Slip. The ITBP payslip is an essential report as a consequence ITBP personnel need to be aware about its significance. The ITBP payslip is a report or instead a receipt of your month-to-month bills. Such a receipt may be issued solely with the aid of using the ITBP corporation. Hence to get your ITBP revenue slip you need to comply with the given instructions.

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First, go to the legit internet site of the ITBP Police i.e.

Then look for the login button at the homepage.

Now click on at the Login button after which click on at the Personal login alternative.

Once you click on on Personal Login then a brand new login web page will open.

Now input the requested info like PIS Username, Password.

Then input the captcha code and click on on Login Button.

Now you’ll be redirected for your profile or dashboard.

Now out of your profile, you may take a look at your month-clever payslip.

Direct Access your ITBP Pay Slip: Click Here

ITBP Personal Login | ITBPPIS Login Steps

The simplest manner to finish your ITBP PIS Personal Login is online. So as stated in our in advance segment right here you may take a look at the whole manner. As you realize that you may log in at ITBP Himveer join. Thus, right here we’re going to provide you with the whole steps to make certain your a success login. Without logging in you can’t take a look at your ITBP revenue slip. So you need to have the right understanding of the manner. But earlier than you continue with the login you need to have the perfect info.

Since the corporation continues the private bills of every ITBP worker as a consequence every person has particular info. So earlier than you try and log in ensure you’ve got got the perfect info which includes your ITBP PIS Username and PIS password.

NOTE: The portal lets in simply five incorrect attempts. As a end result, after five incorrect attempts, you’ll be blocked for the subsequent 24 hours. Therefore, having the perfect USERNAME and Password is crucial.

STEP 1. At first, you need to visit the legit ITBP payslip internet site or ITBP Himveer Connect portal viz.

STEP 2. Once you click on in this ITBP HImveer Connect hyperlink you’ll be redirected to the ITBP Login portal.

STEP 3. Now as soon as the login web page opens you need to input your credentials. So input your PIS Username, Password, after which click on at the Login alternative. Before you click on the Login alternative d now no longer overlook to go into the Captcha code.

STEP four. If you input the perfect info then you definitely could be capable of see your ITBP revenue slip account.

STEP five. Finally, after you are capable of get entry to your account you may generate your ITBP revenue slip. To down load the slip click on at the down load alternative. If you need a printout reproduction then you may click on at the Print icon.

ITBP Login Password Recovery Steps

In this segment, you may take a look at the manner to reset ITBP PIS Password. As we stated that with out the perfect Username or password the ITBP portal does now no longer furnish get entry to.

In maximum cases, ITBP personnel are not able to log in because of an wrong password. So with a purpose to log in the ones personnel need to create a brand new ITBP PIS password.

As consistent with the supply you may create a brand new password online. All you want to do is go to the internet site of Himveer join or However, you furthermore may want a few different portions of statistics.

Therefore, in case you overlook your ITBP PIS password then you may create a brand new password. But earlier than you continue ensure to have the subsequent private info.

Regimental Number.

Active Mobile Number ( Your Personal Number).

A computer or a pc with a strong net connection.

Now as soon as you’ve got got those info all you want to do is comply with the stairs given beneathneath. So individuals who desired to understand a way to reset the ITBP login password have to take a look at out the manner.

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Step 1. You need to visit the legit ITBP Himveer Connect portal i.e.

Step 2. Now click on at the Login Button.

Step 3. After this click on on ITBP Personal login.

Step four. Now to reset the ITBP PIS password click on at the Forgot Password alternative. You can see this feature at the lowest of the login web page.

Step five. Once you click on at the Forgot password alternative, the ITBP PIS Password Recovery web page appears.

Step 6. On this web page, then you need to input your whole Regimental Number, Security Question, answer, and your 10 digits cellular number.

Step 7. After you’ve got got entered all of the info you may click on at the Reset Password alternative.

Step 8. Finally, you may create a brand new ITBP login password.

Now, due to the fact that, you’re aware about this manner. Any ITBP worker who cannit recall her/his password can comply with those steps to create a brand new password.

ITBP Himveer Connect

The ITBP Himveer Connect offers the ITBP Personal login carrier. So you may go to to finish your ITBP pis private login. The ITBP advanced this portal solely for worker offerings. In different words, the ITBP Himveer Connect continues the complete ITBP payslip report. So the month-to-month payslip report of an person can be saved with the aid of using Himveer join as quickly because the person is recruited.

Since the portal gives touchy statistics, Thus, to verify your identification you need to produce positive credentials. Therefore, each ITBP worker has their personal private login info. So, with out such info, you can’t employ the ITBP Himveer join.

Now, because you are aware about the offerings of the ITBP Himveer join. In our subsequent segment, you may examine approximately the ITBP Personal login. Therefore, to understand greater please examine the subsequent segment.

With the electricity of the net, ITBP personnel can generate their payslips from the ITBP Himveer Connect. As a end result, ITBP personnel can take a look at their month-to-month payslip of ITBP from the consolation in their homes.

ITBP Salary Structure Rank Wise

Until now we were supplying essential statistics associated with the ITBP PIS payslip. However, on this unique segment, you may take a look at the whole rank-clever ITBP revenue shape. Since the ITBP is a Central Armed Forces. Thus the month-to-month revenue of ITBP personnel could be primarily based totally at the seventh CPC pay band. In fact, the month-to-month revenue of ITBP employees has elevated below the seventh CPC. As all of us understand that the month-to-month revenue of each armed pressure worker relies upon upon the ranks. Likewise, the ITBP revenue shape varies consistent with the ranks of an worker.

Therefore, the best revenue can be presented to the best ranks of the pressure. Similarly, the decrease revenue could be that of the bottom rank. In different words, because the ranks descend so does the month-to-month ITBP revenue.

As consistent with the mandate, the ITBP revenue differs consistent with the subsequent classes which includes Officers, Subordinate Officers, and Under Officers. Thus the fundamental revenue, grade pay varies consistent with the rank of ITBP personnel.

So earlier than you take a look at the whole rank-clever revenue shape you have to take a look at out the rank shape of ITBP. Below we’ve got referred to every rank from the best to lowest.

Officers Rank Structure:


Additional Director General

Deputy Inspector General



Deputy Commandant.

Assistant Commandant.

Subordinate Officers Ranks Structures:

Subedar Major.



Assistant Sub-Inspector.

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Under Officers Rank Structure:

Head Constable.


Now as consistent with the ranks-clever month-to-month revenue shape you may examine the subsequent segment. We have referred to the ITBP revenue consistent with the class and rank.

ITBP Allowances & Perks

In the preceding segment, we supplied the whole revenue shape of each ITBP designation. However apart from the revenue the ITBP personnel are supplied with some of allowances and perks.

As consistent with the guidelines of the ITBP, those allowances just like the salaries range consistent with the ranks. But the maximum essential thing of the ITBP allowances is that the households of the ITBP worker can advantage from such allowances.

There are some of allowances presented with the aid of using the ITBP. Such allowances are to be had for uniform, transportation, accommodation, etc. Additional allowances and perks are allocated to ITBP employees published in excessive places which includes Siachen, excessive altitude areas.

Some of the ITBP allowances are useful for the households of the ITBP personnel. Allowances for a clinical emergency, allowances for academic aspects, etc.

Here beneathneath is the listing of ITBP allowances presented to the personnel and their households:

Accommodation Allowances.

Transportation Allowances.

Education Allowances.

Uniform Allowances.

Dearness Allowances.

Medical Allowances.

High Altitude Allowances.

Loan Facilities.

Retirement Scheme which includes GPF.


What is ITBP PIS?

ITBP PIS is a web carrier for the employees of ITBP. PIS stands for Personal Information System. Using ITBP PIS Portal, ITBP employees can take a look at their month-to-month payslip, revenue, and private statistics from the ITBP legit internet site.

How To Check ITBP Pay Slip?

To take a look at the ITBP Pay Slip you want to log in at the legit internet site of ITBP i.e. www.its Then click on on private login. Then Enter your username and password and click on at the login button to test your payslip.

How to Reset ITBP PIS Login Password?

First, go to the legit internet site after which click on at the Personal Login. Then Go to the PIS login web page and click on on forgot password and post your element and click on on Reset password.

About ITBP

The Indo Tibetian Border Police or ITBP is a Central Armed Police Force of India. It turned into raised below the CRPF Act on twenty fourth October 1962. After the enactment of the “Indo Tibetian Border Police Force Act, 1992 for the charter and law of ITBP.

Initially, ITBP turned into raised with four battalions however the pressure has grown in numbers. Since its limit in 1978, the pressure has 60 battalions, 15 Sectors, and 05 Frontiers(2018). The ITBP has a sanctioned electricity of greater than 89, 432 lively employees, and the numbers hold escalating.

Like each different Central Armed Police Forces, the ITBP capabilities below the Ministry Of Home Affairs, Government Of India. And the number one goal of the ITBP is to stable the Indian borders with Tibet.

Being a multi-dimensional pressure the ITBP video display units the borders to locate and save you border violations. Such as unlawful trans-border smuggling and unauthorized immigration. The ITBP employees also are deployed for protection functions to touchy authorities properties.

Other than the above roles the ITBP employees is likewise educated in Civil Medical Camps. They also are educated for catastrophe management, nuclear, biological, and chemical disasters.

Currently, the ITBP is on border guarding responsibilities overlaying 3488 km on altitudes starting from 9000’ to 18700’. Since the ITBP is a specialised mountain pressure as a end result nearly each ITBP worker is a professionally educated mountaineer and skier.

ITBP is identified because the first responder in instances of herbal catastrophe. Hence, the pressure has correctly completed severa seek and rescue operations. In fact,  battalions of the ITBP have additionally been deputed to the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).

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