HRMS Railway Brief : Employee Login, User Manual, Guide, Reset Password 2023

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 The HRMS Indian Railways online website allows all employees to access all HR services without having to go to the HR office. The government also uses the HRMS Indian Railway to collect all information on government railway workers from the website. The HRMS Indian Railways website allows railway personnel to review or review all information relating to pay increases, promotions, rewards, transfers, shipments, off duty employment, on duty education and family composition based on information and voting options for pensions. Not all of this information was previously available to these workers, but now that this online gateway has been established, it can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet.

HRIS rail LOGIN and enter

Web application. 

  • Visit the HRMS Rail website at
  • • Go to the HRMS Railway website and open the HRMS Railway access screen.
  • Enter your 6 digit HRMS rail ID and password (default: Test @ 241).
  • • Click on CONNECT. • OTP is sent to the cell phone number and is valid until 24:00.
  • • Enter the OTP Receiver and click OTP Details.
  • • HRMS train application has been registered successfully. 

App for employees on their phones.

HRMS ID and connection to the mobile application.

  •  Download and install the HRMS Railway mobile app on your mobile phone from the Google Play Store.
  • • Enter your 6-digit HRIS rail identifier and password.
  • • Click on the Enter button. 
  • • Enter the OTP Receiver and click OTP Details.
  • • You can now see the connection to the HRMS Rail application completed.

If you have not yet registered for the app, select the Register now option and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account.

Registration of retired employees in the HRIS of Indian Railways. 

Application for Registration of Retired HRMS Employees for Indian Railways. hrm railway sign 1

  • Step 1: Go to for the first step.
  • Step 2: Select “List Employee Retirement” from the menu.
  • hrms 2 railway sign
  • Step 3: Enter your PPO number, date of birth and other information.
  • Step 4: Select the “Go” option.
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hrms ralway entry stage 3

Step 3

Important Notice

To verify your information, please enter your PPO number, date of birth and name and click the “Go” button. Also read: HRMS rail panel

Change the cell phone number in HRMS

If the user is not registered with HRMS and the cell phone number is incorrect, the following steps should be taken.

Select “Change mobile” from the drop-down menu. To apply, download and complete the mobile transfer app from the link above and submit the image. Identity card, Aadhar card, Driver’s license, Voting ID card, Passport, Umid card and PAN card are all examples of identity card that you can download. If the user has not yet registered for HRIS and the phone number is correct, follow these steps: Select “Register” from the drop-down menu. OTP will provide you with a cell phone number, which you will need to register with HRMS. Know or identify your HRMS rail identifier. Customer service

  • • Go to the HRMS Railway website and open the HRMS Railway access screen.
  • (
  • Select “Require service connection” from the menu.
  • Enter your 11-digit IPAS employee number (PF). • Click Go to display HRIS rail information.
  • Do not forget your HRMS Rail ID / Login (HRMS ID has 6 characters like RSTPQR).
  • retired staff. Retired railway employee / Recipient of a family pension – Apply for a free passport after retirement –
  • • Go to the HRMS Railway website and open the HRMS Railway access screen. (HRMS) (

Select “Retiree Enrollment” from the menu. 

To view HRMS rail details, enter your 14-digit PPO number and date of birth, then click OK.

When the HRMS Rail ID / Login is displayed on the screen, enter. (HRMS Rail ID is 6 characters long, including RSTPQR.)

You can then use your HRMS Railway username and password (old password – Test @ 123) to access the HRMS Railway website.

• Choose a railway to obtain and cancel your passport and submit the required information.

(For more information, see the user guide at to complete the registration process.)

Discover the new HRMS rail module.

Module for master employees. These standards allow the business owner to have access to employee information such as basic information, family, personal information, contact details, availability, etc. medical information and eligibility, which must be identified and approved by law (Cadre Clerks). and police).

e – Service Records (SR) module.

The e-SR module focuses on the digitization of data service personnel.

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It includes all the information about an employee’s performance including start times, promotions, salary changes, changes, details, retirement information, etc., all information is evaluated and acknowledged by the appropriate bodies (authorities and law enforcement agencies)

e – Desktop control module. These standards allow law enforcement officials to report all types of court-ordered actions, such as changes, announcements, announcements and recordings, and to amend criminal records with personal information.

e – Worksheet.

This model provides historical information about the police services of the railways.

e – Employee Self-Service Module (ESS).

Thanks to this self-service, all the staff of the railway provider (Gr.A, B, C) can exchange service data and biometric data of HRMS Railway by transfer request to exchange employee / employee. e – Pass Policy / PTO module.

All current railway employees can receive and request an e-Privilege Pass / PTO only through the HRMS rail app.

The E-Privilege Pass / PTO can be used to purchase train tickets at PRS / UTS counters or online at IRCTC.

E-PF library and upgrade module

These standards give the right to apply for FP loans and pre-deductions and allow employees to apply for FP loans and pre-deductions.

e – APAR module. The e-APAR module will help you complete all Grs on time. Employee performance measurement.

e – Resolution module.

Agents can make payments to retirees easily and simply with the solution.

These standards allow retirees to create a digital retirement book.

The staff will be assisted by a health professional in writing a retirement booklet. e – Free post-retirement Pass and Widow Pass modules.

These standards allow all railway workers and widows to apply for the e-Post Retirement Complimentary Pass and the Widow Pass.

Self-service module for employees (ESS).

Where can I get ESS and how do I use it?

  • • Log in to the HRMS Railway app using your HRMS Railway ID, Password, and One-Time Password (OTP). Click IRHRMS-ESS in the left panel.
  • • Select “View / Modify my information” from the submenu.
  • Select the tab to modify and click OK.
  • • Click on View file. (In read-only mode, all data accessible from the tab is displayed.)

To request a change, 

click Post Change Application. Note the reason for the change. To edit and edit a field, check the box (edit button) to the right of the field.

  • • Edit the service information if necessary.
  • • Provide the necessary supporting information when requesting changes.
  • • Click on the OTP Delivery button.

The system creates a special change ID for future use after submitting the request. • In the IRHRMS-ESS menu, the operator can check the entire modification request.

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Request a new password.

  •  • Go to the Paths menu and select “Path Set Names”.
  • Select “Pass Privilege or PTO” from the menu, then click on the “Go” button.
  • Select “Full” or “Half Set” from the menu on the passport.
  • • Click on “Create new application and save trip data”. [Next station on foot and boat station]
  • • Select “Members for Participation” from the menu and select the “Submit” button, verified by the Pass Clerk (PC) and approved by the Pass Issuing Authority (PIA).

[When an employee submits a work request, an SMS activity report is sent to the cell phone where the employee is registered. An SMS containing the employee’s login information request is also sent to PIA.]

Check that PASS / PTOS has been released. Go to “My certificate” to access announcements and PTOS.

Ticket reservation (at the PRS counter).

 • Log into the HRMS Railway website using your HRMS Railway ID, Password, and One-Time Password (OTP).

Click on “My issued passes” to see a list of passes / PTOS.

Select 5 “Unique Pass Number (UPN)” from the menu to get a copy of your Electronic Pass which you can save to your mobile phone or computer.

Click “Send OTP SMS” to receive a 4-digit OTP debit card number on your mobile phone number, valid for 24 hours.

  • • Make a list with your travel and passenger information. • At the PRS counter, provide the OTP and transit number, which must be provided to all passengers when booking a ticket.
  • (However, you can use another card when booking a ticket.)
  • • Once the user e-Pass information has been verified, the PNR is generated and purchased with a positive response from the PRS system.
  • • Log in to the IRCTC e-ticketing website ( with your IRCTC ID and password. If you are not yet a registered user of the IRCTC website, you must first register and create a username and password. • Select “Pass Reservation” on the IRCTC e-ticketing website ( and “TRAINS” menu (download from Play Store) through the app. mobile IRCTC Rail Connect. Enter your train and seating information, then click Check Availability and Fares to find the train that’s right for you.
  • • Fill in the passenger information on the passenger booking page. Also, when making a decision, enter the “Unique Pass Number (UPN)” and 5-digit “Pass Reservation Code” and click OK to confirm the pass.
  • • Once the user e-Pass information has been verified, the PNR is generated and purchased with a positive response from the PRS system. 

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