Bihar RTPS Service Plus2022: How to Apply Online, Check Status Certificate, Digitally Signed(Income, Caste, Resident)

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RTPS Bihar is one of the portals of the government of Bihar, in fact RTPS Bihar, RTPS means the Right to Public Service. Through this portal, citizens can apply for different types of certificates, in this article we share detailed information about RTPS Bihar, ie @, by reading this article to the end you will learn all about the right to the Bihar public service. So keep reading this article until the end.

RTPS Bihar

As I mentioned RTPS Bihar, ie @ is an online portal for Bihar citizens, through this portal citizens can apply for a caste certificate, proof of domicile, confirmation of income and much more. About 2 or 3 years ago, all online certificates for Bihar citizens were prepared using the old RTPS website, ie @, now all services are transferred to another RTPS Bihar portal, ie @serviceonline .yn.

The various certificates are prepared by the RTPS Bihar portal, ie @ under the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Labor Resources, the Ministry of Planning and Development and the Ministry of General Administration of the Government of Bihar. In order for citizens to apply for each type of certificate, they must complete the required proof sheets and upload the required documents, after which they must apply to each department.

@ Overview 2022

  • Country India
  • State of Bihar
  • RTPS Portal Bihar portal
  • Purpose To provide the citizens of Bihar with different types of certificates.
  • Beneficiaries Citizens of Bihar
  • Use digitally signed certificates
  • Cabinet confirmation, receipt and residence certificate
  • Duration of service 10 days – 15 days
  • A portal launched by the government of Bihar
  • Official site

The portal is known to citizens for the creation of caste certificates, receipts and residence certificates. If you want to apply for certificates, keep reading this article to the end, because we also share a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a certificate. For your kind information, I would like to inform you that the use of the citizen portal can only request a certificate and check its status, but must visit the management department, after a pandemic, run the bag in advance RTPS Bihar Portal, ie @serviceonline. bihar .gov .in was launched by the government of Bihar, now citizens can use the portal to request, check and download their certificates.

Find out how to apply for a caste certificate, proof of income or proof of stay via RTPS Bihar.

To apply for any of the above certificates, as well as all of the above certificates, you must first be prepared for a scanned copy of the applicant, so scan your Aadhar card on the back and front to create a prepared JPG or PDF.

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RTPS Bihar – Cabinet certificate, confirmation of receipt or confirmation of stay

To request a caste certificate, confirmation of receipt or confirmation of stay via RTPS Bihar, you must carefully follow the following step-by-step procedure and you can request it.

  • To first apply for a certificate, you must visit the new RTPS Bihar portal, ie @
  • To send a visit to the official portal, you will find the “General Administration” option in the “RTPS Services” section.
  • Click on this option to find the “Issue Cabinet Certificate”, “Issue Residence Certificate” and “Issue Receipt Certificate” options for the same item you want to apply for.
  • Click on this option to find the “Block level” option.
  • After clicking on the above option, you will be redirected to a website where you will be asked to fill in the required documents, such as the applicant’s name, father’s name, mother’s name, mobile number, address, etc., fill in all letter request documents by clicking Continue.
  •  (You do not have to fill in the Aadhaar number, because then you will have to upload a scandalous copy of the Aadhaar card.)
  • When sent by clicking on this option, you may be redirected to another website where you will be asked to upload a scanned copy of the Aadhar card, upload the required document and complete your application.

Note: When placing at the end of the application, be sure to download and print the application receipt for future reference.

RTPS Bihar – Application Status

To check the status of an applied caste certificate, confirmation of receipt, certificate of residence or other documents via RTPS Bihar, ie @, you must carefully follow the next step in order to check it.

  • To check the status of your caste certificate, proof of income or residence certificate, you should first visit the official RTPS Bihar website, ie @
  • When you visit the official site, you will find three horizontal lines (menus) in the upper right corner of the page, click.
  • After clicking on the option above you will find the “Civic Section” option, click on it.
  • When you click on the option above the drop-down list, you will see the option to click on “Monitor application status”.
  • Clicking on the option above will take you to another webpage, where you will need to select “By application reference number” and select it.
  • After selecting the option above, you will be asked to enter the application reference number, enter the required credentials, and click Request Shipment Date.
  • Click on the option above to fill in the date of your certificate application, on the receipt you downloaded after the certificate application, you will see the application submission and the application reference number.
  • Fill in the above option with word verification and click SEND. By clicking on the option above, you will be redirected to another website where you will be asked to fill in some basic information, enter this information and check whether your application is approved or not.
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If you know your application has been approved, you should visit “”, enter the required credentials, and then click Download on the certificate.

Note: Click “Download Certificate” to download your caste certificate, domicile certificate, or receipt certificate to your device and print the certificate for use.

We hope you enjoy the detailed information about RTPS Bihar, ie @, after reading this article. Although you have read this article, if you have any questions or concerns related to Bihar’s right to public service, feel free to ask them in the comments below. We will try to answer all your questions and inquiries as soon as possible.

Bihar Right to Public Service (Income, Caste, Residence)

The process of proving is very long. Therefore, through the online RTPS portal, where Bihar citizens can apply for ासीय, जाति और आय प्रमाण-पथ्र also provide applicants with the same transparency. Thanks to the online medium, applicants do not have to stand in long queues, which saves the applicant a lot of time.

Important note:

  • Use HTTP only if you have access to the official RTPS portal.
  • Use the latest web browser. Use “Mozilla Firefox Browser” instead.
  • In order to take a webcam image, the applicant must install the “Adobe Flash Player extension for Mozilla Firefox” on the system.
  • Please press [space] after each word when entering the “English name” in the application form to automatically enter “हिंदी नाम”.
  • Please install “Adobe Acrobat Reader” to be able to read / print the confirmation certificate through the portal.
  • Certificates will be issued to applicants online. The service is delivered to your door and applicants do not have to go to the RTPS counter.

Overview of Bihar RTPS Service Plus

What is RTPS ServicePlus? The question may arise in the applicant’s mind after visiting the official RTPS portal. Here is the answer to the question.

It can be very simply interpreted as a unanimous framework for the public regarding the provision of services and the handling of complaints. It also provides the latest updates to government plans. Caste, income and residence certificates are an important document needed to use the state and central government system and scholarships. Service plus keeps a record of the data provided by the applicant and also offers the possibility to monitor the application so that the applicant knows about the verification process of the RTPS Services.

Bihar RTPS service certificates

In this article, we will tell you about the certificates and information about them available on the official website of RTPS Services. The list of certificates is:

Caste certificate -:

The Cabinet Certificate is proof that someone belongs to a certain caste. The certificate is issued by the state / central government. Typically, an applicant belonging to the reserve classes, ie Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe and Other Backward Class, requires that the certificate be part of various forms and forms of government examination. Without a certificate, the applicant will be considered as Non-Reserved / General. Bihar’s public service law supports a system where the applicant can apply online. The applicant can apply for a caste certificate online. They need a good working relationship. The format of the caste certificate is described below:

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The list of documents required for the caste certificate is:

  • Proof of identity: Aadhar card, voter card, passport, PAN card, MNREGA card.
  • Proof of address: Aadhar card, driving license, proof of residence, rental ticket and rental agreement.
  •  Caste Certificate Affidavit-: Copy of income or village panchayat record, high school report, public service record (book) indicating caste / community category of the applicant’s father or relatives, birth register of the applicant or father or relative.

Income Certificate-:

The state government issues a receipt, which confirms the individual’s annual income from all sources. The issuing authority varies from state to state. In the case of rural areas, it is issued to the municipality of tehsildar and to the city by the district municipality or the tax office. Acknowledgment of receipt is very important because it is required for the EWS certificate. RTPS allows individuals to request an online receipt. An individual may wish to visit the certificate block or may apply directly from the official portal.

The list of documents required for the acknowledgment of registration process is:

  • Age Proof (Birth Certificate or Marksheet),
  • Ration Card of the applicant,
  • Residential Proof,
  • Income Details (Monthly salary, Salary slip).

The use of the acknowledgment of receipt is:

  • Individuals who belong to a class reserve or have a quota of educational institutions can use the system with a receipt.
  • Take advantage of various scholarship programs of state / private institutions.
  •  The government also provides free medical supplies to individuals whose income is determined by the government in accordance with the prescribed ethics and can only be obtained through a receipt.

Residence Certificate-:

The residence permit is a necessary document required in almost all aspects of verification. The certificate is a proof of permanent residence of a citizen in a district, city or municipality. In order to obtain water and electricity connections, a residence permit is also required for government employment, for which the Office requires a certificate of residence for the applicant.

The RTPS service allows the applicant to register for a residence permit. An individual can visit the headquarters of the block or enter the official portal directly online and generate a certificate.

The list of documents required for the registration process for the residence permit is:

  • aadhar card ,
  • Voters ID,
  • Ration Card,
  • PAN Card.

The applicant must enclose a scanned copy with the online application documents.


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